About Me

Welcome, my name's James. I'm 34 and I currently reside in Newark, DE. I've been enthusiastic on working on websites since I was a wee 13 years old (back in 8th grade). I actually came into doing websites somewhat by accident. We just got Microsoft office XP (I think it was XP), and it had Frontpage with it. I had no idea what Frontpage was, so I opened it up and played with it. All I could think of at the time was "Wow...."

I was horrible at first, making websites about just about anything I was interested in. IIRC, I even had one about Inuyasha (a japanese cartoon, aka anime). Oh how I've changed in the many years to follow. I've only kept up with one website that I originally started with, but the biggest obstacle with that website is that it's 100% user-content driven. Needless to say, that one never took off and it remains unknown to the rest of the world.

I did a few websites for a local website designer when I was around 15, but after that I just about stopped working on websites all together. Sure I did a few "clan" sites for my numerous clans on XBOX Live throughout the years, but nothing big. I basically put websites on the backburner for a few years.

It wasn't until after I starting playing PC games and became a member of the =}ESAW{= Gaming Clan that I became interested in websites again. Several months after becoming a member there, I came up with the idea of redesigning their website and making it a custom site, not a generic PHP-Nuke garbage that floods the interwebs, yes, I said interwebs. I nearly puke at the sight of a Nuke site, because it's just so horribly laid out and they always look god-awful.

At that time, I haven't worked on websites probably in over a year, so no doubt it took me significantly longer than it should have. I think within 2 weeks, I had a working proof that I was ready to present to them to get their feedback. At first, they were a bit hessitant to the idea, because they weren't that familiar with anything other than Nuke, but over the next few weeks they were starting to warm up to the idea. Eventually I replaced the old Nuke site with the new site, and within an hour, it was fully functional.

Fast forward a few years, and I currently have two ongoing personal projects, eXtremeGamerz, which is currently getting most of what's left of my free time and CheaterCheater, which I'm hoping that after I get eXtremeGamerz rolling and start gathering members, use that userbase to get CheaterCheater rolling. I've got brilliant ideas for both sites, ideas that I had years ago that are now just starting to become visible in other sites...

Only time will tell me how long this will last. I love this job and wouldn't trade it for the world, but then reality comes into play of not only whether it's self-sufficient, but where my current full-time job takes me. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and regardless if it's working on websites or if it's starting my own electrical company, there's one thing I can guarantee: I will be successful.