Welcome to my personal online portfolio: Studio-XP

I am a 34 year old freelance web developer and full-time electrician from Newark, DE. I've been designing and developing websites since I was 13. For a while, it was just a hobby of mine, creating small personal sites (which greatly pale in comparison to what I am capable now). After a while, probably around 15, I was working for a company, primarily designing static websites. One of my first projects with them was to redesign a website. They wanted to keep the same design but make it tableless. Needless to say I came through and started it one night and was done within a few hours. My biggest gripe with them was that they only created static sites, which was okay for a while, but really wanted to develop dynamic sites. They have been one of my greatest passions, especially those that rely heavily on a well thought-out and executed database layout. Meanwhile a few people that I knew wanted a new website, so I came through and delivered in spades for them. I took that opportunity to venture down this fun path and have never looked back.

I take great pride in every website that I do, because it shows what kind of developer I am. Sure, I can use a program like Dreamweaver to create a website in a few minutes, but you can usually tell when a website is created that way. The pages won't be valid, things will be all over the place, and generally, lesser experienced "developers" use it because it's easy and they don't have to learn any of the rules. Start adding in PHP to that mix and it quickly becomes a visible mess (and a public disgrace). You want a website to portray what you do in the best possible way. A site that isn't developed properly is going to take longer to load (which sends potential customers to go to a competitors site), and will generally look embarrassing. All of which is bad for you and your company. Would you want a few students fresh out of high-school to build you a house or a professional that has been building sturdy homes for years? Sure, the students might be cheaper up front, but in the long run it will cost you greatly with nothing more to blame than inexperience in the field. Meanwhile the professional will generally cost more (close to what the other pros cost), but the result is a much more beautiful and strong home (because he's a professional and knows what he's doing).

I feel that you shouldn't have to worry about what makes the website work or learn any code. Because of that, I strive to make every website have a highly-intuitive and easy to learn back-end. From image galleries or dealership inventories and everything in between, making it easy for you is my highest priority. Generally, this includes incorporating jQuery (a javascript library) into them for various dynamic features. The image galleries are drag-and-drop for organizational layout, dealerships that have large quantities and longer lists of information for their websites are made to be able to quickly and efficiently find what stock they're looking for. And that's not all that I've done. There's just too many to list...

Once we are getting ready to go live and launch your new website, I will help you get everything situated and working properly. Whether you just want me to send you the files to upload yourself or if you need me to load everything up for you and test it all, I will be there for you. Even if you currently don't have a web host, I can recommend numerous excellent hosting companies to choose from and help you with every step. I will never leave you hanging wondering "What do I do now?" No matter how silly the question, just remember: everyone's been in that exact same position once before.